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Gateway Partners is an emerging markets manager investing responsibly in South and Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa.

What makes Gateway unique?


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More than capital

We invest in well-established market leaders who cater to core consumption needs. By virtue of our deep relationships, we originate proprietary deals at compelling valuations. We construct portfolios to balance risk and reward. We integrate ESG considerations at every stage of the process.

Gateway Journal

What Developing Countries Need to Reach Net Zero

As Gateway CEO, V Shankar, explains in this op-ed published in Project Syndicate, one-size-fits-all policies to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions will not work. Unless developed countries recognize the challenges confronting developing and emerging economies and take appropriate steps to help them achieve net-zero emissions, we will all be worse off.

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Our People


Co-Founder, Partner & Chief Executive Officer, IC Member (Dubai)

Rahul Goswamy

Co-Founder, Partner, IC Member (Singapore)

Anil Dua

Co-Founder, Partner, IC Member (Dubai)

Anand Kumar

Co-Founder, Partner, IC Member (Singapore)